Let us help you from DISASTER to RECOVERY.


When disaster strikes, it is possible to be victimized twice: first by mother nature or circumstance, then by your insurance company.

Remember that the insurance adjusters who review your claim are paid employees of the insurance companies. In the event of a major disaster, most insurance companies hire out of state adjusters who typically have little experience and/or limited knowledge of our state’s laws and regulations.

Their interest is simple, settle the claim quickly and minimize the cost to the insurance company. A large portion of your damages may be overlooked when their report is written and that could greatly affect the settlement amount of the claim. 

News Updates

Hurricane Sandy Fair Payment Claims
Roddy Jerkins was responsible for assisting attorneys in uncovering the falsified engineering flood reports (Raimey v. Wright National Flood- No. 2:2014cv00461) used to deny victims of Superstorm Sandy fair payment(s).

Our discovery led to flood litigation claimants finally being paid what they were owed. We are now, once again, helping property owners, nationwide, recover from flood damage.

Expert Assistance

As a former FEMA/NFIP Disaster Assistant and expert adjuster, Gulf Loss Consultants can assist in navigating the complex coverage issues and get you paid all that you are entitled for your flood damage(s).

Experience Pays

Do you have property damage? Do you need to file an insurance claim? We have built and understand how to assess homes, commercial buildings, churches, walls, roofs, multifamily dwellings and hotels.

Undervalued Assessment?

You can dispute your assessment and have Gulf Loss Consultants assess your loss. Your original damage assessment could be greatly undervalued. An experienced builder or appraiser can see damage most adjusters miss.

No Recovery, No Fee

As builders, we will help protect your interests. We will analyze your damages, prepare a detailed estimate and handle all communications with your insurance company.

What our clients say:

I own several properties in the southeastern United States. Unfortunately, some of my properties have experienced theft, weather, and other accidental damages over the years. But fortunately, a man named Roddy Jerkins and Gulf Loss Consultants have come alongside me and has been an invaluable asset in the recovery of my losses. Roddy is extremely intelligent, experienced, and easy to work with. I strongly recommend him without reservation to help you too should you have a claim.” 

Dr. John O Waits, Property Owner

“In 2014, I had a claim at my home, to include theft and property damage. After not being paid for months, we hired GLC and Roddy to assist. He handled everything related to my claim, including working with my CPA to itemize non-covered items for tax deduction. GLC removed the stresses of dealing with a claim allowing me to focus on football. “

Kareem Jackson, NFL CB - Houston Texans

“I recently had a high net worth/high profile client whose home was broken into. We leaned on Roddy’s expertise to help guide us through the process. He handled everything extremely efficiently and professionally. I was constantly getting updates from him during the process, until a satisfactory result was obtained. We could not have asked for more!

Matt Wilson, M.S.S. Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual

“Hurricane Ike had a tremendous impact on at least 7 of the properties we own and manage.  At the time, I was happily ignorant on the topic of property insurance, thinking our insurance company would come running with check in hand to help us.  It wasn’t until they offered  us literally ZERO that I realized it was a MUST to hire your own Private Insurance adjuster.  Fortunately, Mr. Roddy Jerkins of Gulf Loss Consultants (GLC) was able to convince me that we had a claim against our provider, and we ventured out to fight for the cause.  Two years and $2.9M in recovered losses later, I’m now a disciple of hiring Roddy and Gulf Loss Consultants on every claim we incur.  His thorough knowledge of the insurance industry has strategically positioned his company to provide professional, results driven performance that will maximize your claim dollars.  He has now represented LCJ in over 10 claims, resulting in collection of hundreds of thousands of claims dollars, that would have been denied had he not worked the claims from inception.  Needless to say, Roddy is on speed dial every time a storm, fire or flood affects one of our assets…Gulf Loss Consultants should be on your call list too!”

Jim Washburn, Owner, LCJ Management, Inc.



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