To process your claim, we will:

  • Assess your damages by preparing a thoroughly detailed estimate.
  • Assist in the preparation of inventories for your damage personal or business contents and assist in evaluating approximate current values.
  • Prepare a time elements of losses, such as business interruption, loss of rents or additional living expenses (A.L.E.)
  • When necessary we use the services of structural appraisers, engineers, accountants, inventory specialists and other experts or professionals.
  • We establish a professional line of communication with your insurance company and adjuster.
  • Present estimate, inventories and all necessary valuations to help expedite your claim.


We are professionals working exclusively for you, the insured. We will handle every detail of your claim — from reviewing your current coverage, to determining replacement costs, and negotiating the best settlement possible.

We understand the time immediately after a loss is one filled with stress and obstacles. As builders, we will help protect your interests. We will analyze your damages, prepare a detailed estimate and handle all communications with your insurance company.